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Before Your Wedding – Planning and Preparations

Since every wedding is different, the Five Ps apply...with a vengeance.

Proper Preparation Produces Perfect Pictures!

Meaning I need to know just about everything about your schedule and expectations. This will allow us to plan for a seamless interaction with the event. That way, even the 'must take' pictures will become much more authentic, and I'll be able to be as non-intrusive as possible.

Typical Timeline and Planning Steps

  • You contact me through the Contact page or by direct email with a view to figuring out if I'm the right person to photograph your wedding.
  • We meet up at a suitable time and place to have a chat and do some getting to know each other. Before we do, I'll send you an email that tell you about the kinds of things I'd like to know, as well as what you might like to know about me before making a decisions to engage me. If we decide to go ahead...
  • I will send you a quote for my services and provide you with a copy of my standard agreement, tailored to whatever we happened to have tentatively agreed upon.
  • If you decide to engage my services, you'll commit to this with a 33% deposit of the agreed-upon total fee. This also commits me to deliver the service as per the agreement. This money is refundable, less a $50 admin fee, within 28 days of payment (in case you have to cancel the engagement).
  • Well before the actual wedding, we meet for a 1-2 hour photo shoot and have-a-chat session at some agreed-upon place.
  • Also, well before the actual wedding, I will need to have access to wedding and reception venues; so I can study the layout, the light and the surroundings. This will help with planning the shoot and finding locations for taking memorable images.
  • If you are hiring a limo, the route it will take you will also be good to know in advance. Often, great locations for photography can be found along the route; or maybe with only slight detours.
  • If bride and groom are going to get ready for their wedding at different locations—rather than, say, in the same house—this will require the services of a second 'shooter', even if this is only for the preparation phase.
  • If you are hiring a videographer to record the ceremony and/or reception (e.g. the speeches), please provide me with their details, so we can coordinate our activities.
  • Details of caterers, florist, musicians, or anyone else providing professional or voluntary services to your wedding, would also be very helpful.

On Your Wedding Day

Ideally I'd like to get shots of the preparations of bride and groom. These will be informal  and provide opportunities for often-surprising and amazing images.

During the ceremony I—and my second shooter, if present—will endeavour to be as discreet and unintrusive as possible, and at the same time capture all the important moments.

I also like to get at least a few shots of you that are unlike anything I've ever shot of anyone else. If possible, maybe of your family and friends as well. Something genuine, beautiful, unusual, unique and worthy of being labeled 'unforgettable'. That can be difficult during a hectic wedding day, but if we could fit it in, I can guarantee that you'll be glad you did, especially whenever you open that album and look back at where your married life began.

At the reception: Whatever you need, for as long as you need me there.

Free service for booked weddings.

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