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Portraits are About People

As I grew up and learned to appreciate what really matters in life, I understood that there's nothing more amazing in the whole universe than human beings. The only thing I find more amazing is that anything exists at all.

We're all unique; that's a familiar trope. But just how unique we are... Well, there's a very cool infographic that lays it all out. Give or take a few powers of ten in the probability calculations; it doesn't matter. We're amazing; in so many sometimes wonderful, sometimes horrific, and mostly just ordinary, ways. There's nothing like us; and, while one might argue that  everything else is never quite the same from one moment to another either, human beings are even less so.

The time-freeze of photography brings the 'moment' into focus and preserves it for as long as the photo lasts. In life, moments tend to get blurred like the images that make up a film strip. That's what makes moments so incredibly precious. And moments with people are even more so than just some amazing landscape.

Photos, no matter how bad or tacky, capture the most amazing form of life I can imagine ever to exist. And if the photos are good and capture more than just moments—when they capture extraordinary moments, which actually reveal what otherwise might be hidden forever, or maybe is glimpsed just once—then... well, WOW!

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