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When have you last had a picture taken that you wouldn't just publish on FaceBook, Instagram or whichever social network you happen to favor? A picture that you'd be proud to frame or put into a real album—which one day you'll look at, and it'll help you to really remember the time in your life when it was taken.


Large or small, young or old. Memories are precious and nothing preserves them as well as professionally and sensitively taken pictures by someone you can trust.  Capture moments of your life that will come and then be gone, never to return.

Even if you're a skilled photographer yourself, it's kind of difficult getting yourself into the picture and just surrender to the moment. Self-timers just don't really cut it, do they? And don't me started on selfies...


Professional shots for presenting yourself to modeling or acting agencies. Glamour, head-shots, costumes. Tell me what you need. I'm here to make it happen. If you want it formal, make it so. If you want to let your hair down, even better.


Are you a horse-person? Love your dog(s)? Cat(s)s? Bird(s)? Get those pictures you've always thought about having taken with your favourite non-human friend.



Gigs, shows, concerts, dance. Have them professionally captured in stills and/or video.

Graduations / Formals

Make sure that your memories are captured with professional flair and skill.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah
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Engagements and Weddings
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Things that Hold Still

General real estate photography and other architecturally focused targets. Interior and exterior. Urban. Land- and sea-scapes. Product.


I also provide video services across all the areas listed above. Contact me for more information.