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Note: This is a TFP/TFD project. Please respond only if you are prepared to work with me under those conditions!

What I Am Looking For

Models willing to step outside current ideas of what's usually asked of them and becoming participants in a project that will bring their images before an international audience on the covers of books. Read on and see if you're interested in this very different modeling project. Sorry I can't pay you for this, but my income from writing just isn't large enough. However, you will get a selection of the best hi-res JPEGs of the shoot(s) and be credited anywhere your images are being used. Your photos may also be used as models for drawings and/or paintings. In addition, I'll also be more than happy to shoot additional images for your own portfolio. Let me know what you need, and we will work something in.

This is an exciting project requiring you think of yourself not just as a model, but also an an actor, who contributes to the telling of a story. As such, I'd also like to invite actors—aspiring ones and others who may be interested—to have a look at this opportunity. You will certainly get shots out of it that will do you in good stead in your image portfolios; as well as having you appear in cool scenes on the covers of, mainly, sci/fantasy novels.

Special note to martial artists or SCA members who read this: Wanna step outside your usual envelope and get some cool pics? Well here's your chance!

Anybody interested, I'd like to invite you to read on; and if you fit the profile outlined at the end of this page please submit an expression of interest using the contact method(s) available here.

No FB or G+ messages, thanks!


I have another existence as a writer of scif/fantasy and other genres of novels. I'm redesigning the covers for my novels (already published ones, as well as looking ahead for those in progress), for print and eBook versions. Here are a very few examples of base images containing people, which are currently used in the designs of some of the sci-fi/fantasy covers. The actual covers for all the books can be found here. Those interested in details about the novels themselves look here.

The base images and covers were done using mixed media: real photos of landscapes and people, public domain images (globular cluster), original artwork (e.g. planet view from space), and 3D figures rendered with DAZ Studio. In the first and second example, the male figure was taken from a photo of a posed male human. I used the most convenient space possible for the shoot. Not ideal, and taken with a 7Mpx Sony DSCP-200; but with a bit of TLC Photoshop-work it all kind of came together. In all cases, female characters are 3D DAZ/Poser figures; as is the male in the third example. All base images and covers were composed in Photoshop.

The Current Project

I want to completely redesign the current base images for the covers and then the covers themselves; take them up to another level of artistry. In order to do this I would like to engage at least one male and one female model (preferably two males and two females) to provide the human figures in a variety of poses and outfits.

Apologizing for this in advance, but I'm going to be picky about selection. I need to implement an artistic and story-telling vision of my characters that fits into the context and hits the tone of the novels. It's not unlike picking actors for a movie—an interesting process, about which I learned when I produced and directed a movie based on a script of mine. So, if you're interested in looking at this project, we'll have to meet beforehand for a chat and maybe a few informal test shots, just to see if we click on a personal level. That's important to me, even more so than for ordinary portrait shooting. You will, after all, become an active participant in the story through your appearance on the book cover.

Your input will be valued. If you're a fantasy or sci-fi reader, you might want to read the books to understand the tone of the stories. The first is available for free as an eBook download. Those who end up participating in this enterprise will get the whole Tethys series  of eBooks, as well as any others for whose covers your images might be used for free. We're looking at a total of maybe fifteen covers.

Profile Notes

  • Major requirement for all models: You must be fit and look fit. These are novels with physically active characters, some of who are warriors. And you must be able to project personality and character. This is especially true for the female characters you're representing, all of who are strong, competent, and some of them have lived through and survived very harrowing experiences. Males must project the ability to be violent if necessary, motivationally conflicted, but most of them with solid systems of ethics. And, yes, they have to be fit, as they'll end up having to pose, at least for a short time, carrying one of the female models. Others may be shown in fighting poses, possibly using props (such as blunt dummy swords).
  • All: No obviously current-contemporary haircuts, sorry. These just wouldn't resonate with the characters and the story. Males: No hipster beards or mustaches; though very short-cropped full-face beards are ok. In fact those capable of projecting a 'rugged' look are definitely invited to participate in this!
  • Females: At least shoulder-long hair would be good. The more 'natural' the better. Color doesn't matter, though brunette is more in line with the characters as described in the novels. Still, the less I have to Photoshop hair-colors the better.
  • All: Ages 20-40. At least you must be able to pass yourself off as being somewhere in that age range, and it would be even better if you could project yourself across much of the age range (meaning, you may be 20, but you should be able to pass yourself off as 30; or you may be 40, but you should be able to pass as 30 as well; or 30 and pass for early 20s—you get the idea). A definite opportunity for actors to push the envelope of their skills.
  • Tattoos: Depends. If they're the in-your-face kind and visible on exposed body areas—and there will be some partially-dressed (no nudes!) shots—this may just not work for this project. Depends what you've got. If it's cool and timeless, it may actually add to the attraction.

Additonal information for male models

Movies in which the kinds of types I'm looking to represent appear (at least in some roles) include:

  • Tears of the Sun. (Johnny Messner, Paul Francis, Cole Hauser).
  • Centurion.(Michael Fassbender.)
  • Ironclad. When I think of the character "Caitlan" in my novel Keaen (available free as a eBook), I could imagine him as James Purefoy. Wasn't thinking of him when I first wrote the novel almost 18 years ago, but when I saw JP in Ironclad, it was like "Wow! That's him!"
  • King Arthur. (Clive Owen, Mads Mikkelsen, Joel Edgerton)

Remember, I'm talking about types. Some of the actors mentioned above have taken up roles that are nothing like what they had in those flicks; but I'm talking about these movies and the types they managed to represent and do so credibly.

General Notes

  • Locations and times for shoots to be determined, depending on circumstances. I will need to have at least one occasion where male and female models are available to shoot together. Otherwise separate shoots will do.
  • Outfits to be determined. If you don't have what I need, we either go with what you have, try a costume shop, or do some lateral/creative thinking.
  • Makeup Artists not required since makeup will be basic. Or maybe, if you have some cool ideas and you want to experiment yourself, not so basic. There are options here. If there's a way to think outside the box or push the envelope, I'm game. It might not work, but there's no harm in trying.

Any further queries, please contact me through any of the methods available here. If you can give me a web reference or something else where I can get one or more shots of you—please no Instagram!—or if you have an image or two you could email, please do.

Shooting dates: TBD, but I'm aiming for mid-March.